Israel Hallock Residence

Farm House circa 1900

Farm House, probably in the 1940s

Barn also iin the 1940s

Ariel picture late 40s or early 50s
The "Horse Barn", between the big barn and the corn crib was originally the Sout Paw Paw Methodis church.  It moved
to the farm probably around 1873 when most of the people reloacted to the current Paw Paw.

Rubert L. Tarr's house in town, the following is a description from Joyce Schnell."

The only thingI don't remember is that second stairs to the porch .  I know that door was there and all the windows are in the right places but I don't remember those stairs for some reason.  The stairs on the right went directly into the hall which went into the sitting room.  If you turned to your right you were in the formal living room which backed up to the formal dining room. The stairs to the second floor were on the left and under the stairs in that hallway was a hall tree which had a mirror and a storage seat where you could sit down to take off your boots and hooks for hanging your hat or coat.


You could get to the kitchen by going into the sitting room, turning right into the dining room and then left to the kitchen or you could go into the bedroom which was behind the sitting room then into the bathroom, thru the bathroom and into the kitchen.  


That house had a front stairs and a back stairs,  The back stairs came down into the kitchen near the back door."

Paw Paw Fruit

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